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This list contains all of the available commands in our server. You can hit Ctrl+F to use your in-browser search function to look for a specific command.

Basic commands
/help - Shows help.
/cmds - Displays list of commands.
/register - Register your account
/login - Login into your account

Player commands
/skin - Change your skin
/stats - Shows your statistics
/sp - Saves your position
/lp - Loads your position
/color - Change the colour of your nick. /drink - You become drunk.
/hidebar - Hide the command bar.
/anims - Change animations how player moves.
/items - List of objects you can get.
/para - Gives you parachute.
/cap - Gives you hat.
/kill - Kills you.

Vehicle commands
/v - List of vehicles.
/wheels - Change the tire of your vehicles.
/tune - Tune your car.
/atune - Automatically pomps your vehicle.

Server commands
/language - Change language.
/rules - Displays the server rules.
/pm - Send a private message
/day - Change your time to noon (12:00)
/night - Change your time to midnight (00:00)
/afk - When you are Away From Keyboard.
/back - When you are back from AFK.
/telecmds - Teleport to another player (if he allows you).
/buyscore - You can buy some scores for money.

Teleport commands
/t - To teleport around.
/home - Teleport to spawn.
/skate - Skate
/planes - Planes
/res -Restaurant
/wp - Water Park
/rockisland - Rock Island
/gotham - Gotham City
/cluster - Cluster Hill Club
/sisland - Small Island
/stage - Stage
/tortuga - Tortuga
/jungla - Jungla

/lsa Los Santos Airport
/sfa San Fierro Airport
/lvs Las Venturas Stunts
/ms - Marina Stunts
/ds - Desert Stunts
/hs - Hill Stunts
/aa - Abandonned Airport
/jizzy - Jizzy Stunts
/cs - Construction Stunts
/farm - Farm Stunts

/css - Counter Strike Source
/minigun - Minigun
/rocket - Rocket
/arena - Fight Arena
/tf - Team Fortress
/fdm - Forest DM
/oh - One Hand
/gldm - Glass Madness
/vf - Vortex Fight

/oj Orange Jump
/derby - Derby
/tr - Tunnel Ride
/lc - Liberty City
/nrgc - NRG Challenge
Drift 1-5
/party - Party
/racen - Nascar Race
/drag - Drag
/nrgc2 - NRG Challenge 2
/dive - Skydive challenge
/derby2 - Derby 2
/startrace - Start Race
/watertube - WaterTube
/monstercoaster - Monster Coaster
/rollercoaster - Roller Coaster

/cj - Country Jump
/lsj - Los Santos Jump
/pj1-7 - Parachute Jumps
/gj - Glass Jump

/ice - Ice Cream Job
/fireman -Fireman Job
/toy - Toy Job
/pizza - Pizzaboy Job

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