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Welcome to the Frequently Asked Questions page. Find your answers here!

What do I need to play?
You can find all the information here.

How do I earn score? How do I earn money?
You can earn both points and money by racing with other players, playing death match... For example, you get points/money for being first in race. Each win/completing job...etc gets rewarded differently, in terms of points/money. There are also other ways to earn both money and points, including missions and odd jobs.

How do I save my money and stats?
When you are on the server, you can register an account using /register. Once you are registered and logged into your account, stats will automatically save when you left game.

My money and stats do not save! Someone hacked my account!
If you are registered, your data will always save. It is impossible for your account to be logged into unless you have leaked your password to other players.

How do I get unbanned?
Send email to make sure that you type your in-game-name and when you were banned!

How do I see my stats?
While in-game, you can see your current stats by doing /stats. You can also use these commands to see other player's stats, by doing /stats [ID]. If you are registered, you can also see your stats on the Stats Page.

How do I report rule breakers/cheaters?
If you witness someone breaking the rules, use /report [ID] [Reason]. This will alert all the admins that are online. Don't be discouraged! If someone is persistently breaking the rules, take screenshots with F8 and report them on the forums.

What are "Admins"? How do I become one?"
Administrators have special abilities, some of these are ability to silence, kick and ban users. DO NOT ask to become an admin. If you show admin qualities, we will find you.

Can I use mods on the server?"
Any modification, are not allowed in our server. The only mod which is allowed is the Detailed Radar Mod. Players caught with modifications will be immediately banned.

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