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How to play

There's no specific goal in our server, you do what you want to do. There are, however, a few basic things every player should know:

The Rules
Of course the main thing for every player to know are the rules. Be sure to read them!

Basic Gameplay
If you've played Grand Theft Auto before, our server shouldn't be too complicated. We strongly suggest being somewhat familiar with GTA:San Andreas before playing on our server.

Game Controls
Press 2 To Jump with the vehicle.
Press Q to Flip Your Vehicle.
Press E to Repair Your Vehicle.
Press G To Enter a Vehicle's Passenger Seat.
Press LCTRL to Instantly Stop Your Vehicle.

Teleports are displayed in the teleport box (bottom right), announcements are displayed in the announcements box (bottom left) and most of the game information is displayed in the chat box (top left). Commands are entered in the chat box. To chat or enter a command, press T, enter your chat or a /command and press Enter. The / prefix indicates a command. Most of the commands are similar to their name. To spawn a vehicle for example, type /v in the chat box. See the Commands Page for a detailed list of commands and their usage.

Type /help, /cmds in-game for help.

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