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1. Respect admins
Admins are there to make sure the game is fun for everyone. Pay attention to what they say and remember that they can't deal with everything. Don't insult the admins and respect their decisions. You may not join the server with an admin nick.

2. Respect other players
Remember that it's just a game, don't make it personal. Don't insult other players and don't purposely disturb players who are carrying about their own business.

3. No cheating / Exploiting bugs
Players caught cheating or exploiting bugs will be banned and have their accounts disabled. You are responsible for anyone using your internet connection and you are responsible for your account. If you find a bug which can be exploited, please report it to an admin using the IRC or PM system.

4. No mods
The only GTA mod allowed on server, aside from SA-MP itself, is the Detailed Radar Mod. Anything else, whatever it is, even if you think it's innocent, is not allowed on the server. Please use a clean install of GTA:SA to play on our server. This is to ensure that everyone sees and experiences the same things on the server.

5. No advertising / Spam
Absolutely no advertising on the server or irc channel. The in-game chat already scrolls by fast enough, so please don't add to the spam. And even if it's game related, please don't spam the chat with your "selling xxx at xxx" ads.

6. Do NOT quit to avoid ANYTHING
Don't quit the game to avoid a hit contract, attack or admin punishment. Players who quit to avoid don't get much respect and will be punished by admins.

7. Drive properly!
Do not run over other players for no reason.

8. Outside of DM guns are prohibited!
You can only kill other players in Deathmatch.

9. Don't ask "Can i become administrator?"
DO NOT ask to become an admin. If you show admin qualities, we will find you.

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